Sask. has 3rd highest COVID-19 case rate in country; 2 more deaths Monday

Saskatchewan now has the third-highest rate of cases in Canada, behind the two other prairie provinces Manitoba and Alberta. 

Saskatchewan reported 325 new cases Monday. The rate of active cases of COVID-19 in the province was 307 per 100,000 population as of Sunday. 

The province reported two more deaths due to COVID-19.

The two residents who died after testing positive for COVID-19 lived in the south central and south east zones. Both individuals were in the 80 and up age category.  

A total of 47 deaths have been reported in the province since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of the 8,564 total reported cases in Saskatchewan, 3,879 are considered active.  A total of 4,638 people have recovered to date, with 49 recovered on Monday. 

Saskatoon is the hot spot with 125 new cases announced Monday. 

(CBC News)

Of the other new cases, nine are located in the far north west, 14 in the far north east, 23 in the north west, 27 in the north central, nine in the north east, one in the central west, 10 in the central east, 62 in Regina, 22 in the south west, eight in the south central and 13 in the south east zones.

Two of the new cases have pending locations.

There are currently 123 people in hospital due to COVID-19, 100 of whom are receiving general impatient care. One patient is in the far north west, eight are in the north west, eight are in the north central, three are in the north east, 33 are in Saskatoon, one is in the central east, 26 are in Regina, one is in the south west, one is in the south central and 18 are in the south east zones.

Twenty-three people are in intensive care, with three in the north central, 14 in Saskatoon and six in Regina.

Cut down on contacts

The province is asking Saskatchewan residents to keep their contacts low. Based on the current confirmed cases, public health estimates that there are more than 6,600 reported contacts requiring follow-up in the province. 

According to the province, a close contact is anyone that you have spent 15 minutes or more with, within the two metres of physical distancing. The province also notes:

  • You should be able to count your close contacts on one hand.
  • Your close contacts should be the members of your immediate household who you eat with, hug and see without requiring a mask.
  • Although not close contacts, the province asks residents to consider all their weekly contacts whether in the classroom or at the workplace.  

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