Judge gives Six Nations members until Oct. 22 to leave occupied subdivision or not take part in hearing

An Ontario Superior Court judge has given the 1492 Land Back Lane camp until Oct. 22 to vacate land slated to become a subdivision in Caledonia, Ont., before he rules on making an injunction against their presence permanent.

Justice R.J. Harper said if the camp occupiers vacated he would hear constitutional arguments presented by Skyler Williams, the spokesperson for 1492 Land Back Lane. Harper said if they remain on the site, he would exclude Williams from the scheduled hearing and hear arguments only from lawyers representing the subdivision developer, Foxgate Developments, and Haldimand County, the municipal authority that oversees Caledonia, which are seeking the permanent injunction.

“It is never proper or acceptable to achieve your goals, regardless of how heartfelt they are, in open defiance of the law and in flagrant disregard for the life and property of others,” said Harper, in a ruling delivered after arguments Friday at the courthouse in Cayuga, Ont.

Members from Six Nations, which sits next to Caledonia, set up the camp in July saying to reclaim land they said was stolen. The property is part of the Haldimand Tract granted to Six Nations of the Grand River in 1784 for allying with the British during the American Revolution. 

The property is currently part of an ongoing court case before the Ontario Superior Court with a trial date set for October 2022.

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