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COVID-19 is putting a dent in many short-term rental markets

Since the pandemic officially began in March, many short-term rental operators have been forced to think on their feet. Some have moved to list their properties as long-term rentals, while others have sold their homes altogether and cut their losses.

In Toronto, Canada’s most visited city, bookings are down dramatically, but in Ontario’s Prince Edward County — just three hours away —  bookings are actually up since April. That’s good news for tourism but worrying for some residents now having trouble finding places to live year round. 

Watch | How the pandemic is impacting short-term rentals in communities small and large:

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot more empty short-term rentals in Toronto, while three hours away in Prince Edward County bookings are on the rise and both scenarios are creating challenges for tenants looking for somewhere to live long term. 4:54

Donations to health charities are way down

Some of the country’s biggest charities are hurting this year, as lucrative in-person events like Run for the Cure are cancelled due to the pandemic, and online alternatives fail to bring in the same kind of money. 

The Health Charities Coalition of Canada says revenues have fallen more than 50 per cent this year, leading to delays in disease research and less support for people in need. Read more about why donations have fallen.

Events like the annual Run for the Cure in support of the Canadian Cancer Society bring out thousands of participants in cities across country, like this one last year in Vancouver. Such fundraisers have switched to virtual events this year because of physical distancing requirements. (CBC)

Strapped for cash? Here’s how to uncover unclaimed money that may belong to you

Strapped for cash due to the economic slowdown? You might have unclaimed money from your past that could help pay the bills — perhaps from a dormant bank account or a lost cheque, or more rarely, a surprise inheritance. Read more about how to find your missing money

There are several ways you can search online for long-lost cash. (Stefan Malloch/Shutterstock)

Airports are cutting staff, and they don’t expect things to go back to normal anytime soon

The biggest airport in Canada is eliminating 500 jobs because of the dramatic reduction in demand for air travel due to COVID-19.

The layoffs at Pearson International Airport in Toronto follow similar cuts at airports in Vancouver and Calgary over the past few months. 

A full recovery, according to the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, isn’t expected for another 3 to 5 years. Read more about the future of airports.

The company that operates Toronto’s Pearson airport is cutting staff to deal with the dramatic decline in air travel. (Jonathan Castell/CBC)

What else is going on?

Statistics Canada to start collecting race-based crime data: The federal agency is teaming up with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police on the new project.

Canada’s higher COVID-19 death rate tied to better chronic disease control: Because more Canadians live longer with chronic disease, they’re at greater risk of dying from COVID-19, say heart researchers.

These mountain bikes have been recalled due to a fall hazard: Rocky Mountain Instinct, Instinct BC, and Pipeline aluminum mountain bikes have been recalled.

These lamps have been recalled due to injury hazard: Indiglow LED T8 Lamps are at risk of overheating.

This crib might be a fall or entrapment hazard: Customers should immediately stop using the bassinet and request a free repair kit.

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